Art Of Relationships I

I thank God i am growing up. I pray that i have many more years of the experiences of life so that i be strong. Now there is this ting that has been happening to me. I have realized that i treat people based on my mood at that time and my feelings.

I always laugh at my girlfriends jokes. I always laugh when she mispronounce a word. But thats always when she’s in good moods. But this she wont tolerate when she’s sad or under pressure. This is in me too and i am thinking to drop it.

This morning i came late to work. I also normally go to my place with ‘our laptop’ that we use in our cyber every evening for safety purposes. Now yesterday my gf left an invoice which she had been given to create and print. She gave me the laptop asking me to help me do the work. Now when i reached the cyber this morning, several clients including the invoice guy stood at the door, presumably demanding their work. They seemed angry.

Now the angriest of them all was Hyline, my girlfriend who had already rang me twice asking if i was almost there. Now she started ‘yelling’ how mistaken i was for not bringing the work on time and how she was embarrassed because of me. She also started instructing me around to finish everything for the clients; to format the invoice, and print a photo for another client. The way she did it showed how angry, how furious she was with me. Has someone ever instructed you on something you know? Just to show the clients it wasn’t her mistake and that i was the one at fault? I took it all in.

I have been thinking how how issues like this could make me slap someone! With the way i am normally angry (them days). I thought you know, a girlfriend is someone who will know that you are supposed to be respected, just like they love you n that they will never control you. I am always angry at this behavior but since my inner circle friends always say i am the one at fault. And so i have always learned to curl in and act good, as if i was not pissed off.

I am always hoping that it will reach a time when we will learn to respect each other, learn to talk to each other and avoiding to bruise each other. Have a better relationship. Thats why this is part one.☺


I am now working/ hustling to make ends meet. I am on this road in Mathare, nearing our clinic. I had taught myself to pray while moving for longer distances like from my house to work or work to house. Praying helps me remain in Christ and in spirit despite all I see on our roads. It was a way to avoid distractions.

Today i was praying for my marriage to stand, on Gods foundation. I was also asking the Lord to provide funds for me to pay the bride price. This is a huddle that is becoming increasingly difficult for youths like me to jump and so they tend to give up on holy marriages.

The Lord is faithful. He always answers our prayers, provided they are in accordance to Gods will. So i pass a certain man lying the roadside, seemingly tired. This old looking man had his head against the wall of the adjacent building. He was in rugged clothes that had terraces all over. The clothes had lost their original colors and had been forced to be greyish black due to the conditions they had gone through.

The disturbing thing about thing about Him was that He slept with His legs wide apart. His trousers could hardly cover his genitals. I could picture the scenario of Adam walking around naked and shameless. This guy was sound asleep with his genitals uncovered. Now, sleep was sweet to him but to the passersby, the view wasn’t so good. Something had to be done, I thought. Something had to be done.

The problem with our busy world today is that we are too busy catering for our own problems. Notwithstanding, we can only go as far as caring for our relatives. Nowadays, the far we will go is just to look with pitiful faces and wish that ‘somebody else’ will see the need to right the wrong.

I was suddenly struck with the thought of ‘you are the right person to doctor job, yes you!’ That i could go and hide his nakedness despite his mental or physical state. That i am the one who was supposed to do something lest this guy curses all road users if nothing is done. I was deep in thought until i came to a standstill beside the road. Thinking whether to go back help the man or continue with my business.

My prayers had even come to an end at the onset if this dilemma. What if this thought was the Holy Spirit telling me to do the right thing? I remembered the last born of Noah and the way He had seen His fathers nakedness, the way he was cursed and suffered the curse thereafter.

What do I do right now? What could I have done?